Merino Inspiration

Ok ok, the cold season is back. And with it a whole load of sewing projects and ideas. If you're still looking for that perfect cozy winter project: Look no further and get your dose of inspiration from our wonderful team of design sewers. They sewed up meters and meters of the coziest Merino Fleece, Merino Walk, Merino Feinstrick and Merino Zopfstrick. Yes, it's ALL merino! The fabric is Oekotex-certified and it is made in Italy. You can get it in my shop.

Treat yourself and your loved ones - there's something to be sewn up for each and every member of your family!


First up:

Merino Cable Knit Cardigan

Fabric: Merino Zopfstrick SEA

Pattern: Ready to Sew - Jamie Cardigan

Made by: Froelein Tilia (IG) / froeleintilia.ch



Merino Men's Hoodie

Fabric: Merino Feinstrick OLIVE

Pattern: Pattydoo - Raglanshirt Tom

Made by: Naadisnaa (IG) / naadisnaa.ch



Merino Fleece Coatigan

Fabric: Merino Fleece CURRY

Pattern: self-drafted

Made by: maramara (IG) / maramara.ch



Kid's Merino Winter Jacket

Fabric: Merino Walk BERRY

Pattern: Rabaukowitsch - Winterwoold Allwetterjacke

Made by:  Goldwaendlerin (IG) / goldwaendlerin.ch



Merino Winter's Vest

Fabric: Merino Walk ROCK & Merino Walk OLIVE

Pattern: Rabaukowitsch - Wooldlöper Fru Weste

Made by: Stjärnmönster (IG) / stjaernmoenster.ch



Baby's Merino Fleece Jacket

Fabric: Merino Fleece CLOUD

Pattern: Ikatee - Newborn Fleece Vest Vega

Made by: Sandcastle Label (IG)



Merino Winter Combo: Hat, Scarf & Wrist Warmers

Fabric: Merino Zopfstrick CURRY

Pattern: self-drafted

Made by: me ;-)

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