Sewing · 01. Februar 2019
I love yoga. In an ideal world, I would be doing yoga every day first thing in the morning. In the real world, I hardly ever get down to it. Every now and then I take this pretty yoga set out of my closet and hope it will miraculously transform me into a full-time yogini. It never happens, but I still like to put it on for the *occasional* practice. I made this yoga set - "OM" by Schnittchen Patterns - almost two years ago. It's still going strong and holding up well!
Sewing · 30. Oktober 2018
I love sweaters, I think I said that before. There are so many ways a simple sweater pattern can be customized and made your own style (here here here and here's some inspiration). I love sweaters, but my handmade wardrobe lacked some autumnproof sweaters to be worn at this time of the year. So when a dear client of mine asked for a specific sweater design, this was my chance.
Sewing · 20. Oktober 2018
I made this cute litte thing to get a break from drafting and pattern-making. I don't have a whole lot to say about this, as it is, in a very positive way, just that: a nice and simple dress. I took a long time cutting the pieces though, as I only had juuuust a little more than a meter of this sweet van print jersey fabric. The pattern calls for double the amount I had and even though this is a directional print I managed to cut the pieces somehow. This required some intense pattern tetris! The...
Sewing · 13. September 2018
So this sweater is one year old. It has seen many chilly autumn nights and even more cold winter days. It had a couple of outings in early spring and might even have seen a rainy summer moon. I have worn this in and out all year long, but mostly in the colder seasons. And here we are again, summer sun is definitely gone and we are slowly transitioning into a cozier...
Sewing · 25. August 2018
Oh hi, I'm just hanging out with my curtains, in my matching curtain pants. Feeling good and handmade...