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Sewing without harming the environment. Making clothes yourself but with consideration for people, animals and our planet. This cannot be taken for granted because the manufacturing of fabrics, yarn and haberdashery often involves methods that are not good for the world. Sewing yourself can also be fast fashion if you don't pay attention to the materials, the origin and the production method!

Atelier Goldfaden would like to offer an alternative way. When choosing the fabrics I pay attention to sustainable production and fair working conditions. I am happy to bring you closer to fabrics that make the world a little better:
These are natural fibers that are biodegradable. These are fabrics that are produced according to organic standards (cotton!) or that grow like weeds so that as few resources as possible are used for cultivation (hemp!). These are fabrics made from plants that grow on European soil and are spun and woven in the same place (linen!). And these are also fabrics that are carefully hand-woven and dyed in India under fair conditions (ikats and block prints!). And these are innovative materials that are manufactured in a closed cycle (Lyocell!). Fabrics that simply want a second life (second hand!) or that are rewoven from recycled materials.
All of this is sustainability and I'm sure it is here where you will find your dream fabric.

And by the way: sewing thread, buttons and accessories are also available in organic quality or made from recycled raw materials!

About Atelier Goldfaden

When looking for fabrics that are beautiful, timeless and sustainable, I am almost despaired. I had rediscovered sewing and clothes making as a hobby but couldn't find what I wanted in the fabric stores and online shops. So I took matters into my own hands and made contact with sustainable producers and small manufacturers who care about the environment as much as I do.

When the bales of fabric started to pile up at home I moved them in the summer of 2020 to the Feuerwehr Viktoria to open what has probably been the smallest fabric store in Switzerland. A year and a half later we are already heading to our new location at Genossenschaft Warmbächli - with much more room for our fabrics and your sewing ideas! Here you will find the most beautiful sustainable range of fabrics. And there are not so few fabrics: Over 100 European linen fabrics, a unique selection of hemp and ramie, sustainable silk and many organic-certified fabrics. You will be amazed how beautiful sustainable fabrics can be!

As a career changer I often see things differently and do not care how something would be "normally" done. Creativity and the will to do things differently (and better) are most important for my company. I gained some (or actually quite a lot) background knowledge and solid basics during my training to become a Fashion Specialist BP at the Swiss Textile School. I like to pass all of this on in my sewing workshops to everyone who likes (to learn) to sew.

When I'm not in the studio you can find me with my three children - or dreaming about good fabrics.

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Fabrics from fair production
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