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The hooded Landgate is chic yet workaday and features a drawstring waist and side and front pocket options. Our first pattern for both men and women.

Skill level; Intermediate

This is a multi-size paper pattern in an envelope, including sizes 8 – 18. Seam allowances are included in the pattern at 1.5cm, unless otherwise stated. All decorative top stitching is optional. For the men’s pattern you lengthen the pattern where indicated.

You will also need:

2.5M of 15mm/25mm webbing or a drawstring cord.

Optional 2 metal eyelets approx 7mm internal diameter. You can make buttonholes as an alternative to eyelets.

Fusible interfacing for pockets and buttonholes/eyelets.

0.25M lining for side pocket bags.

16cm metal zip

Please note this is a ‘pull over your head’ jacket so you will need room to manoeuvre.



 120cm wide women/men    140cm wide women/men
XS   2.60M/2.75M 2.20M/2.35M
S 2.75M/2.90M 2.35M/2.50M
M 2.85M/3.00M 2.35M/2.50M
L 3.00M/3.15M 2.65M/2.80M
XL 3.15M/3.30M 2.65M/2.80M


 Chest: women and men    Length: women/men
XS   114.5cm 70.7/74.7cm
S 120cm 71.2/75.2cm
M 127.5cm 71.7/75.7cm
L 135cm 72.2/76.2cm
XL 142.5cm 72.7/76.7cm
XS – XL Extra Small  Small  Medium  Large  Extra Large
UK Sizing   6 – 8   10 – 12   12 – 14   14 – 16   16 – 18

Pattern errata: On some print runs the front raglan pattern piece is missing. Please download this pattern piece through Merchant & Mills website for free. This piece can be printed on a single A4 piece of paper.

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