The Whittaker Dress - Merchant & Mills Sewing Pattern (English)

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Product description

A classic pinafore for work and play. With a buttoned side fastening, side and back pockets. Make it long with a back split or short just below the knee. Accentuate the detailing with contrast top stitching or keep it simple with matching thread.

Skill level – experienced.

This is a multi-size paper pattern including sizes 6 – 18. All seam allowances are 1.5cm unless stated otherwise and are included in the pattern.

We would suggest using the following fabrics – 8-12oz denim, cotton twill or canvas, corduroy, moleskin, half panama cotton. For a softer look and feel you could try a mid weight linen or tencel/linen blend.

For the facings we would recommend either a cotton muslin or a slip viscose lining.


You will need:
8 x 15-18mm Buttons
1 x Matching thread
Top stitch thread if you are going to do contrast top stitching.


Fabric Requirements (long version) 

 Size 6-8Size 10-14Size 16-18
83cm’s wide, with or without nap 2.85M 3.35M 3.35M
120cm’s wide, without nap 2.15M 2.5M 2.6M
120cm’s wide, with nap 2.15M 2.75M 2.9M
140cm’s wide, without nap 1.7M 2M 2.3M
140cm’s wide, with nap 1.7M 2.15M 2.7M
150cm’s wide, with or without nap 1.7M 1.7M 2.15M

Fabric Requirements (short version)

 Size 6-8Size 10-14Size 16-18
83cm’s wide, with or without nap 2.2M 2.55M 2.65M
120cm’s wide, without nap 1.5M 1.85M 2M
120cm’s wide, with nap 1.5M 1.85M 2.25M
140cm’s wide, without nap 1.25M 1.25M 1.5M
140cm’s wide, with nap 1.25M 1.5M 2M
150cm’s wide, with or without nap 1.25M 1.4M 1.5M

Lining Requirements

 Size 6-8Size 10-14Size 16-18
110cm’s wide, without nap 0.75M 0.9M 1M
120cm’s wide, without nap 0.7M 0.9M 1M
140cm’s wide, without nap 0.7M 0.8M 0.9M
150cm’s wide, without nap 0.7M 0.8M 0.9M

Finished Measurements (in cm)

Bust 98 102 106 111 116 121 126
Hip 113.5 117.5 121.5 126.5 131.5 136.5 141.5
Length Short* 87.5 88 88.5 89 89.5 90 90.5
Length Long* 118 118.5 119 119.5 120 120.5 121
*front shoulder to hem              

UK Sizing

 Size 6Size 8Size 10Size 12Size 14Size 16Size 18
Waist 61cm/24″ 65cm/25.5″ 69cm/27″ 74cm/29″ 79cm/31″ 84cm/33″ 89cm/35″
Hips 86cm/34″ 90cm/35.5″ 94cm/37″ 99cm/38.75″ 104cm/41″ 109cm/43″ 114cm/44″
Bust 78cm/30.75″ 82cm/32.25″ 86cm/33.75″ 91cm/35.75″ 96cm/37.75″ 100cm/39.25″ 106cm/41.75″

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